On Enthusiasm For Surveillance

is the United States of America, you have the right to believe whatever
you want to believe. We just need to know what that is.”

Interesting article. Now, I fully believe that we need to prosecute a
vigorous war against terrorists, but we also need to operate under a
clear picture of who to look for and we also need to operate within the
actual legal structure of our nation (IE obey the law rather than
authorize explicitly illegal wiretaps) and avoid impinging upon the
rights or personal lives of individual innocent citizens. Just going to
the occasional protest and trying to perform for children shouldn’t be
enough for the FBI to go investigating somebody. Someone’s politics
(unless those politicsexplicitly  include advocation of violence
or espionage) shouldn’t be enough. The House Committee on Un-American
Activities belongs back in the fifties. Let it stay there.

The FBI and NSA should not, must not be instruments for persecuting
those whose political views differ from the administration. They must
find and capture scumbags and terrorists, not folks that have committed
what some people would consider thoughtcrime.

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One Response to “On Enthusiasm For Surveillance”

  1. nightowl33 Says:

    “Casting too wide a net” duh! That is disturbing to read. Our tax dollars at work. What a waste.

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