About The Execution

Okay, I am a resident Californian. I’m also not especially a political fan of the governor or his opponents, but I like to feel I’m pretty aware of what’s going on in my city and state. So, as a resident of Los Angeles, the capital of the Crips, I have a few things to say.

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I am a believer in the death penalty, to tell the truth. To me, it seems much more humane than long-term or life imprisonment. To me, execution’s much more merciful. Whether this execution was just or not, it’s hardly surprising.

Also, note that the last California governor to grant anybody on death row clemency was Ronald Reagan… about thirty years ago. It’s not exactly as if Arnold was doing anything unusual in trusting the decisions of multiple levels of the court system. He apparently wasn’t sold on Tookie’s statements, and clemency is entirely at the governor’s discretion and is a highly extraordinary measure, not one that can be demanded or expected when one founded a murderous international organization that remains one of the biggest threats in the state where he was sitting on death row. Regardless of a few memoirs that are mostly read by people that are already opposed to gang violence. Most of today’s gang members only know who Tookie Williams is because he’s been in the news for the past few months (if they’re aware even now).

This is getting so much press for a number of reasons that have little to do with the Nobel prize or the merits of Tookie’s actual case. I’m not addressing said merits because I don’t have access to the evidence of his guilt or innocence.

First, the NAACP is involved, and frankly they don’t care what he’s done or whether he’s reformed. He’s black, and he’s famous. That’s good enough for Jesse Jackson to come riding into town looking for the spotlight. It’s another chance for the NAACP to raise a stink and try to demonstrate its continuing relevance in a nation where race itself is (thankfully) a much less important issue than it used to be. Here, Tookie’s a pawn.

Also, there are a number of anti-death penalty activists in this and other countries that decided that a high-profile execution is their best bet to sway public opinion. They don’t care about him. They care about opposing the death penalty in general. Again, a pawn.

Also, Arnold Schwarenegger has a considerable number of enemies that are very much invested in doing anything and everything to further damage his image, and are milking this for all it’s worth. Sacramento is an incredibly fractured, fractious and vicious place where the political machine hasn’t functioned properly within my lifetime thanks to excessive partisanship. Any leverage that can be used to discredit one’s enemies will be used. Remember, California is (arguably) the capital of world media and is always swirling with the wars that rage across the airwaves. Once again, Tookie’s a pawn.

It’s not for one second about Tookie. It’s about politics.

Would granting him clemency be the right thing? I’m not convinced either way. I do know that he didn’t convince the court system or the jury any more than he convinced the governor, so it’s not like this is only on Arnold’s head regardless of what the news folks try to claim.

In the end, now that it’s done, this is between those involved and God.


4 Responses to “About The Execution”

  1. creativedv8tion Says:

    There’s nothing under the cut-tag.

  2. kurosau Says:

    Perhaps that is the point…

  3. creativedv8tion Says:


    I see.

    How very.

  4. kurosau Says:

    Don’t get me wrong, there could be a point here, and he just accidentally didn’t post it…

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