Five Meme: Stoooperheroes

Stolen from sundry sources. As a note: I haven’t bought a comic book in
almost a decade, so I’m way out of the loop on current developments
with superheroes and villains. My take on them is quite dated.

1. Who is your favourite superhero?
 Well, as a kid/teenager my favorites were Wolverine and Superpatriot, so for nostalgia’s sake I’ll say Wolvie.

2. If you were a superhero, which one would you be?
As is often pointed out, Hal Jordan rocks (though I do think the
coolest thing about him is his first name :-D), but I dunno about being
him. The sense of duty and justice rocks, and the powers are cool…
but eh, I honestly don’t know the character well enough to say he’d be
me, given that this question is about who I would
be rather than who I’d want to be. Cyclops is a leader and a “good guy”
type, but is too much of a stuffed shirt… maybe Professor X: he’s got
vision, he’s a teacher and administrator that inspires others. His
mental powers are really tertiary. I’m not a cripple though, so I’d be
an ambulatory prof X.

3. Justice League or Injustice League?
I can’t really claim either… I can’t even name the complete rost of
either one at any point in the past or present… or even any of the
members of the second. Based on the name, I’d go with Justice.

4. Which supervillain would you be?
Everybody keeps saying Doom, and with very, very good reasons that I can appreciate (bastards!)… heck, I bought an issue of Namor‘s
comic just because Doom was teaming up with him to whup a necromancer
that had the temerity to mess with him… virtually nobody else’s cool
enough to buy Namor for. Another option that’s about on a par with him
is Apocalypse. Next in line might be Magneto. The common theme? They’ve
all got ideological roots for what they’re up to, and they’ve all got
strong (albeit twisted) codes of honor.

5. If you could have superpowers, what would they be?
I don’t need no steenking superpowers. If I had them… them, magic, boosted senses or telekinetic wackiness would suit me fine.


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