Know who this is?

Here’s a hint: it ain’t Elric of Melnibone’.

Oh, and credit where it’s due: Robert Gould is the artist.


19 Responses to “Know who this is?”

  1. creativedv8tion Says:

    Well, I thought it was Elric, since it was a cover to one of the Elric(ish) books, so why not just tell us?

  2. uhlrik Says:

    Robert Gould knows what he’s doing. 🙂

  3. creativedv8tion Says:

    I always liked Frank Brunner’s Elric stuff – I have framed pieces from his portfolio in my house (my ex-wife worked at a custom art framing shop while we were together, so I have a lot of cool framed artwork that friends of mine saved from the trashbin whilst I was incarcerated.)

    The above piccy hangs in my bathroom.

  4. uhlrik Says:

    I’ve always preferred Michael Whelan’s Elric works to Brunner’s, though he’s good too.

  5. uhlrik Says:

    Some of his work is definitely too pretty, but I really like a lot of it too, especially his Elric stuff. Moorcock loves his Elric stuff too, for what that’s worth. Said Whelan can depict Elric about as the writer sees him and captures the mood too, or something like that.

  6. uhlrik Says:

    Hence the “for what it’s worth”. I’m not saying you should agree with me, I’m just mentioning that Mikey likes him too, since we’re discussing Elric art.

  7. creativedv8tion Says:

    I’m not saying you’re saying that…. ah, bugger it.

  8. creativedv8tion Says:

    Wow, you mormons are kinky…

  9. nightowl33 Says:

    Never heard of him… you guys live in a whole other world than I do. But it’s always nice to learn new things. Will have to check it out.

  10. uhlrik Says:

    Yes, I do live in a different world than most people. Several, actually.

  11. nightowl33 Says:

    Never heard of Robert Jordan…why the shudder?

  12. uhlrik Says:

    Read The Wheel of Time series and you’ll find out why.

  13. uhlrik Says:

    Yes, he might as well be, and in fact he sometimes is. However, he isn’t. Wait. He is. He isn’t.

    aaargh! 😉

  14. uhlrik Says:

    Yeah, the good Count is a fairly obscure Moorcockian character. As Eternal Champions go, I found him pretty refreshing.

  15. riajean Says:

    Epic fantasy at its most long winded, meandering best. The first few books are actually quite good, but its the story that never flipping ends…and by the time I quit reading it at book 7 (4 more have been published since then, and its only one every 2-3 years), it was so convoluted, you could tell he had lost sight of any plan he once had.

    Elric is a very interesting series about a doomed anti-hero. Granted, I only read about …7? of those books, but they tend to stand alone. Elric was really the progenitor of the Anti-Hero concept in modernish fantasy…although, Corwin of Amber came along at approximately the same timeish…(another worthy series if you stick with just the first 6ish books) I actually owned the trade paper back of VonBeck…but couldn’t get into it for some reason.

    George RR Martin is the best fantasy writer out there right now..and I say that because he doesn’t stick to the formula of mildly bending his heroes along the path to glory and righteousness. He flat out kills them. George’s issue is that it took him 5 flipping years to get the 4th book out…and in theory, its only half a book. I soooo should have gone to the book signing at GenCon to thwap him upside the head.

  16. uhlrik Says:

    The Elric novels had a massive impact on modern fantasy and the development of things like D&D. Heck, the old D&D alignment system (law vs. chaos, before they added good and evil to the mix) was lifted from an odd interpretation of his cosmology plus the Warhammer world leans even heavier on his stuff. But yeah…classic anti-hero.

    Onething about Ulric von Bek… he’s not the Ulrich von Bek from the book Von Bek… this is his twentieth-century descendant. He’s all caught up in Romantic notions and a mix of twentieth and nineteenth-century political thoughts. Kinda fun in his idealism. It’s nice to see an idealistic Moorcock hero, especially one that outwardly is so similar to (and horrified when he learns about) Elric.

    I haven’t read any George RR Martin yet. However, I can appreciate his sadism towards his protagonists. I tend to be rough on mine too.

  17. nightowl33 Says:

    Ria can’t stand to have to wait for a new book to come out if it is part of a series. She will usually just refuse to read the series if she has to wait! Or at least she will wait till every last book in the series has been published then read them all in order! Impatient or anal? I don’t know which. I am actually surprised to hear that she read all these when they were only published every 2-3 yrs. I bet she waited and read them all one after the other till she got sick of them. (She hasn’t touched Harry Potter yet… waiting on number 7 she is. 😛

    *smiles* you know I love you…even with all your little personality quirks!

  18. riajean Says:

    that is not a personality quirk. That is saving my sanity, thank you. All authors should be Carol Berg. Interesting characters, great stories, and a new book every 3-6 months.

  19. creativedv8tion Says:

    (Sorry, I just got this notification)

    No worries – LJ is (IMO) all about commenting/conversing with people you don’t know.

    Yeah, it’s a powerful piece, my fave out of the portfolio by Brunner (of which I have 5-6 pieces framed and hanging about.)

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